SalonBridge allows you to connect your Yoco account with SalonBridge so that when capturing payments, you do not need to switch between SalonBridge and Yoco apps.

Note: Yoco is phasing out support for this. Existing integrations will be supported but they may not activate future requests.

The high-level process is as follows:

  1. On the SalonBridge account screen, you click on 'Add Payment'.
  2. You type in the amount, and whether there is any tip to be paid.
  3. You select Yoco (Windows) as the payment method.
  4. SalonBridge then communicates to Yoco in the background and sends the amount owing directly to the card reader.
  5. After the payment has been processed by Yoco, SalonBridge updates the account, and logs the payment.

Currently, only an IOS and Windows integration is automated. It is important to note that when using the Windows integration, Yoco currently only supports Firefox 55, or Chrome 53 or newer. You can find links to these browsers here.

Step 1: Ensure that you have the Yoco Desktop app installed

You can download the Yoco desktop app here. This needs to be open, with a paired device before making payments.

Step 2: Add Yoco for Windows as an integration

In the 'Integration' section of SalonBridge, enable 'Yoco for Windows' as an integration, using your Yoco email address and password to authenticate yourself.

Step 3: Process a payment

When you process a payment, Yoco (Windows) will now be an available payment type and selected by default.

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