GoBeauty allows customers to find your salon or spa, view your information, and make a booking, or buy a product.

Historically, bookings via GoBeauty were emailed to the salon or spa which would then be confirmed or denied. The SalonBridge integration changes that and allows clients to see real-time availability and make a booking that appears in your SalonBridge calendar instantly. 

When an online booking is made through GoBeauty, you get sent a notification of a new bookings with its details. You are able to see the booking in your calendar and manage it like any other booking.

If you new to GoBeauty, you can register your salon or spa here: https://www.gobeauty.co.za/get-listed

To add GoBeauty as an integration, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Integrations':

Scroll down to the 'Bookings' section and click on 'Enable' by GoBeauty:

Once enabled, your details should be sent to your GoBeauty account and online bookings will become available via your GoBeauty page.

In order for this to work, certain information is shared with GoBeauty:

  • Your business name
  • Your business description
  • Your business contact information (phone, email, social media links)
  • Your business logo
  • Your business address
  • Your core operating hours
  • Your services with their prices, durations, and processing times
  • Your staff details and working hours
  • Your staff availability (based on appointments and close outs)
  • Some client information (For the customer that is booking via GoBeauty)

The information provided to GoBeauty is done so securely and is necessary to allow for accurate online bookings to occur and to prevent double-bookings and bookings during your closed periods.

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